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Wuhan Kelvin Optical Electronic Technical Co., Ltd(hereinafter as"Wuhan Kelvin"), since was established in May, 2004, is Chinese earliest professional manufacturer of blackbody radiation source and infrared imaging system testing equipment.
For over 10 years, Wuhan Kelvin always adheres to the principle of "quality first, pursuit of excellence, providing customers with high quality products and superior service". Wuhan Kelvin mainly engages in the design and research of infrared optics, temperature control, radioactive materials, the mechanical structure and infrared test systems. With decades’ effort, our technology has reached domestic and international advanced level.
Wuhan Kelvin has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in August, 2012, and registered trademark of KELVIN®.
Wuhan Kelvin is currently the largest manufacturer of blackbody radiation source, and also long-term stable supplier of famous infrared listed enterprises, such as Guide infrared, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control (HNC), DALI technology, etc. 
So far,Wuhan Kelvin has developed and sold nearly 30 kinds of standard blackbodies which temperature range covers -60℃~+2300℃, and the radiation surface from Φ10mm~Φ500mm.In the meantime we  customized blackbody and infrared target for customers with special requirement.Moreover,Wuhan Kelvin established a long-term cooperation relationship with well-known scientific research institutions and colleges.Our products are also widely used in military units, research institutes, universities, manufacturers of infrared thermal imager , quality supervision and inspection agency, security, electricity and other industries, and exported to many countries, such as Britain, France, Russia, Sweden, Australia, etc.
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  • ISO9001认证证书
  • ISO9001认证证书英文
  • 外置式动态黑体校准源
  • 一种三腔黑体炉
  • 两档变焦专利
  • 多靶集成式定标系统
  • 营业执照
Future development and planning
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